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What it‘s Like to Learn SANGHELI – Halo TV Series

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  1. We've all heard sangheili before what is she talking about…its been present in the series several times

  2. Can't wait to learn it on Duolingo platform

  3. Great she’s speaking Split chins to others

  4. I few like she bites her tongue in every sentence she speaks

  5. “A language that nobody else has heard yet”
    Me: Laughs in Halo 1-5

  6. Imagine if we could communicate Sangheili in the community. We’d be able to talk crap about CoD without them knowing.

  7. Feel like the reporter woman is thinking to herself like "how did I end up here" lmaoo feel like both of them were thinking that for a second lmaoo

  8. This is not the first time we've heard Sangheili…

  9. what was it like playing the original game to get the story right? oh wait

  10. I really want to speak Sangheil, but where can i learn?

  11. I don’t get it. How hard is it to say “wort wort wort”

  12. This is all well and good but does she know what “Wort Wort Wort” means?? 👀

  13. Got time to teach learn and write out the damn language they speak but not to implement them into multiplayer

  14. In my years of active duty, I have yet to see/hear a Sangheli roll an "R" while speaking their native language. Whoever trained this person needs to consider how a mandibled mouth works.

  15. As much as I dislike the show tremendously this is one of the few really cool parts. Love seeing Sangheili being expanding on

  16. You can take me Makee every time you talk that way!😛

  17. This series is Microsoft’s plan to divide and conquer the halo community lol

  18. Sangheli reminds me of the pre concert interview of Slipknot member Sid Wilson

  19. If I ever saw her in public, I would go to her all like:


  20. Sounds like geonosian ngl… 👀💀

  21. Halo is dead. 343s "broad audience" of "casual gamers" killed it.

    I guess I will be listening to O'Donnels tracks just like how the austrian painter listened to Wagners music.

  22. So much effort put in to such a shit adaptation smh

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