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When Is The DMR Fully Automatic in the Halo Tv Series…

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At first I thought this was the Commando rifle from Halo Infinite but nope its the DMR. Just without the scope and for some reason it seems fully automatic. I hope in season 2 of Halo Infinite they bring back the DMR and I would not mind a fully auto feature.

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  1. They gonna make the sniper rifle and rocket launcher fully automatic now. They massacred this show

  2. all of main rifles from the games have select fire, they are all fully capable of full auto

  3. Please for the love of God no we don't need a DMR in Infinite we have the BR and it does the exact same thing

  4. It's almost as if they never played the game or knew the story at all…

    But that would be just silly. Who would even try that, am I right?

  5. Guns in real life: shit we can do safe, full auto, semi auto, 3 round burst, hell we got some that does 2 and 4 round burst.

    Halo fans: no

  6. I was about to say it probably has select fire

  7. Can anyone confirm whether the show is good or not?

  8. The only accurate thing in the show what we complain about

  9. More importantly WHY IS THERE AN AK IN THE 26TH CENTURY

  10. First of all it's "since when" not just "when"

  11. actually, this spartan has a very fast trigger finger

  12. He just have good finger trigger and gaming chair

  13. "is he hacking?"

    im more concerned about the fact that man is holding a bare bones ak47 in an era where such weapons become severely outdated

  14. So basically A commando? But lower fire rate and impact

  15. Dmr is automatic Rifle. In game its just have fixed fire mode. Halo does not support fire mode selection.

  16. I mean, its possible lore wise, but REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  17. Why are the Spartans guns so much more powerful than the humans guns?

  18. Idk how ppl enjoy or defend this garbage but yet again you guys loved halo 5 so never mind…

  19. Even if it’s lore accurate, they could’ve just used the Halo 4 battle rifle since DMR hasn’t been in circulation since Reach….

  20. This shows biggest issue. Uninformed hate turning away potential viewers.

  21. I know the dmr is select fire but i highly doubt they knew that, also why the hell is the resistance guy using a ak?

  22. The fact that the DMR is not automatic in the games robs me of sleep to this day

  23. Semi dmr in game*
    Elite: your bullets mean nothing to me..
    Semi auto dmr in movie
    Elite: that's…. That's not fair.. that's not fair! THAT'S …NOT…. FAIIIR!!! AHHHHH!!! Dies*💀

  24. When they're doing the ending salute in Halo 3 the battle rifle shoots in semi auto. All the guns are select fire, they're locked in one configuration for game play and balancing reasons.

    Also for semi auto firearms, it's all about your trigger finger and recoil management. I can shoot semi auto guns almost that fast.

  25. With only a front sight post and no rear sight or optic

  26. Surprised he was able to hit anything with the bloom he must have been getting

  27. Makes sense, the US Army is currently doing trials for heaver hitting, select fire rifles.

    And the USMC is going doing trials for rifles capable of sustaining automatic fire for longer than their current rifles.

  28. Nah, chief is just that super of a soldier

  29. The DMR is select fire, it's semi-auto only in the games for gameplay reasons.
    Still doesn't excuse some of the absurd BS this series has, but at least this is somewhat accurate

  30. Why are they using AK 47s in the year 2500? Are you 🖕 kidding me? With that per episode budget they couldn't do better than that?

  31. Since so many folks seem to have disagreements about this let me just address the elephant in the room.. I know guns well as a former Marine I had a lot of hands on with them as well as in my free time as a civilian. Firstly, select fire means that it can go from semi automatic to either burst fire OR full auto NOT both. One example of a gun that has 2 models one wich has burst and one which has full auto for select units of the marine corps is the M4A1 and the M4A1-A1(full auto version of the same gun). If it was practical (not impossible) to make guns do semi auto, burst, and also full auto it seems silly that they would create an entire variant that was strictly full auto instead of just the normal M4A1 having all 3 modes of fire. There probably is some guns that have this feature but I certainly can't think of any. To answer the question “did the show screw this up?” Yes. Yes they did. Wether it’s purposefully changed for the sake of the spectacle full auto brings or just someone screwing up because they didn’t reference the damn games I’ll let y’all decide.

  32. Halo infinate update we get ak's and glocks boizzz

  33. There is no reason whatsoever the rebels should be using AK's 600 years in the future. Certainly not when a galactic military 11 billion strong including reserves are running around with the MA series as standard issue for the past century. The MA series IS Halo's AK, it's reliable, effective, and it's absolutely everywhere. These so called rebels should be drowning in MA5's, not running around with 20th century antiques.

  34. Nawh Nawh Nawh have y’all seen that video “no full auto in building”? He just got a major trigger finger with the DMR lol

  35. Don’t hate if u don’t know what u taking about

  36. Actual canon is different from gameplay…I thought people knew that already🤷‍♂️

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