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Why are the Weapons CGI in the New Halo TV Show ?

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CGI WEAPONS in the new halo tv series are everywhere
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  1. Ok, there's literally no reason for the AR to be shown. Like why? There was no significance

  2. Marvel, Disney, and the industry is using CGI and remember this name, Halyna Hutchins.

  3. The weapons in their hands are not cgi but I’m guessing the prop company objected to throwing the guns into the dirt which is why the ar and pistol turn into cgi when thrown down. It’s a small detail but yeah a bit distracting should of just cut those scenes.

  4. They seem to mostly be practical prop guns until they're thrown away (AR and Plasma Pistol). Which is strange since wouldn't it be cheaper to just have weighted throw away props? They couldn't get a better take of them throwing it away? There was a lot of practical set up in the episode which makes the odd cg weapons odder.

    Chaingun is a practical prop I'm guessing is an airsoft minigun with mock-up parts. Then Digitally "enhanced" with some really rough looking firing and smoke effects. Flash and casing don't look that bad but that smoke looks oof.

  5. $10 million per episode and half of the effects look like something out of Sharknado

  6. Dude, that fucking gun, when I saw I I was lik "wtf they did this so fucking baldy" -.- OMFG with the ugly, just use plastic xD

  7. Bro I OWN a working airport replica of the AR, it has lights and an ammo counter, and fires air soft pellets. I also don’t have a $1,000,000 budget

  8. I just don’t like the elite blood being green, isn’t it purple in the games?

  9. 1. It's a gun getting tossed to the side
    2. It was a mistake in production but it is painted just dirty from multiple takes

  10. Me when people are now going frame by frame looking for things to dislike in the new show

  11. Here's my theory:
    This show was pitched out of nowhere and is supposed to be released at the same time as the new game. That's why they gave the rights to a guy who hasn't played or thought about the game, but have a pretty impressive portfolio to direct the show. That's also why the CGI is a bit wonky since… deadline ig.

  12. Why are the Weapons CGI? Well that's easy Alec Baldwin shot somebody, So they have to virtue signal.

  13. RE: The plasma pistol, I might be crazy but it looks like some of that tan/sandy stuff is on her hand too when she drops it, which makes me think maybe it was supposed to be the elite's blood, and that's actually the same prop just drenched in "blood"? IDK I admit it still looks weird and bad, even if it is just a split second shot most people don't notice (I certainly didn't until these youtube videos lol).

    The CG assault rifle was really obvious though; the best guess I've heard is that the main prop they were using was too expensive and fragile to throw on the ground like that and I guess they screwed up and didn't have a cheap foam version on set that day?

  14. The gun is cgi because if it was real the gun would heavy and will shorter clips but if it use styrofoam the gun will not look heavy and it will take alot of clips to the gun slide straight

  15. The plasma pistol damage is accurate to the lore

  16. are we not gonna talk about how he just jumped 15 feet in the air and did a flip

  17. they souldve donate the money to charity what a waste

  18. Because 90 percent of that 10mill per episode went straight to their pockets

  19. that first clip was so easy to notice lol pissed me off

  20. Honestly it's hard to tell when you upload it in 720p…..

  21. I’m still convinced this show is some kind of money laundering scheme how was any of this 10 million

  22. They have to spend the 10 million per eps some how

  23. Sometimes stories should remain in their own medium or a safer medium such as video games into books rather than films or series.

  24. Bruh, Halo Landfall looks better than this.

  25. the fact that you had to slow it down means its not that big of a deal, the assult rifle was kinda bad tho

  26. only the AR looks cgi, the others just look like props.

  27. Not just the guns even his shield was CGI. that's it im done

  28. Why was the halo man able to shoot them with the minigun, while the people defending were not able? When they shot them, the bullets just did nothing as they had shields.

  29. Theres so much CGI where it doesnt have to be. I wonder if there were a bunch of reshoots or something

  30. Man for a 4 year period of inflation, these guys sure do love wasting money on a shit show.

  31. They always ruin our beloved games when they adapt them in tv/movies mfs need to quite being fuckin lazy and go through the source meterial and games before they adapt them on the big screen

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