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Why Fans HATE The New Halo Series..

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Why Fans HATE The New Halo Series..

Welcome back to Story Spot, today on the channel we are going to find out Why fans hate the new Halo series. Tossed around for years from Peter Jackson to Steven Spielberg, from Showtime to Paramount Plus, the long-awaited big-budget “Halo” adaptation is finally here. The latest trailer (via YouTube) gives us the biggest look at the series yet and announced a drop date of March 24 on Paramount+. As the premiere date draws near, many gamers can’t wait, but the number of concerned “Halo” fans voicing their worry about the show’s direction is increasing. The upcoming show won’t be the first time fans get to see an official live-action take on “Halo” — “Forward Unto Dawn” was a 2012 web series that coincided with the release and promotion of “Halo 4.” But Paramount’s “Halo” series is the conclusion to years of production woes and rumors, finally putting a large budget behind bringing Master Chief to the screen. With such a troubled history, fans are starting to wonder if this will be the dream project they’ve waited for or a cheap cash-in on brand recognition. It might seem like hand-wringing, but these are some of the most legitimate concerns we’ve heard about the upcoming “Halo” TV series.

The show will exist in a separate canon. Set in the early years of the war between humans and the Covenant, the upcoming Paramount+ show is technically a prequel to the “Halo” games. However, it was recently revealed that the show exists in a separate timeline and canon from the video games (via Collider). This means that while the show is a prequel to “Halo: Combat Evolved” and “Halo: Reach,” events will potentially diverge from the timeline fans know. Paramount Plus doesn’t have a good track record of original programming. In the competitive streaming space, we have to admit that Paramount+ has yet to make a name for itself. The service doesn’t have an especially large selection of original programming yet, and the original content it has produced has yet to set the entertainment world on fire. Finish this video for more on Why fans hate the new Halo series.

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  1. Also don't forget CBS abuse copyright claim for Angry joe review for bad episode. They doesn't want negative reviews for the story

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