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Why Halo TV show news is SCARING Halo fans

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Halo TV show is discussed by Kiki Wolfkill at a panel, and details more about the direction, and strategy of casting, story details, locations, and dates.
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Halo’s TV Show was announced at E3 2013, 5 years ago, in short, it’s been in Development Hell. A cryptic desolation where projects as risky as Halo’s TV show go to die, as the movie did years ago. We’ve heard like 3 different times that the TV show was “still in very active development. Then we heard it was greenlit by Showtime, wait, wasn’t it already? Nope! Development hell man. They announced thankfully the project would be filmed in Fall 2018, but then, to make matters worse, Rupert Wyatt, the director of Planet of the Apes, left the TV show, claiming that the show wasn’t within his framework of time he originally agreed upon. However he left, he added “There’s an immense TV show to be made there. It’s an ambitious one for a show, and they’re gonna get to a place where they’re gonna line-budget with creative.”

He actually explained recently why he left, and I am paraphrasing here, but essentially he didn’t know much about Halo Lore, and decided to leave because it would too much time to absorb. So that’s probably a good thing he left, it probably would have been trash anyway. But frankly, this TV show is likely going to be crap, unless they get there shit together. And now Black Mirror Otto Bathurst is taking over, the director of the National Anthem episode, which got a 7.8 out of 10 rating out of 35 thousand votes ON imdb, keep in mind he wasn’t the writer, so this guy might be fit for the job.

But of course, today, we now have another curveball. VG247 so gracefully reminded us on a recent article that this show could easily fall apart any moment, but now it’s looking like the TV show is more likely going to go through. 343 executive producer Kiki Wolfkill on a panel at Reboot develop, and discussed how they’re approaching the adaptation. VG reports, respecting the canon is one of 343’s priorities, but not at the expense of doing what makes sense.

For example, the Halo games never let us see Master Chief’s face, adding to the character’s mystique (if people called John can have mystique), but would that work in television? “There are occasions where he showers…” Wolfkill laughed. “Joking aside, there are some details that we may shift, but we want to respect the fans and what they love about the IP.” But also added, “we may shift dates, locations, or ethnicity of characters.”

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  1. If they wanna push diversity just do new characters in the halo universe, you fuck with pre existing characters this show will tank.

  2. I would love to see Robert Downey Jr as Sergeant Johnson a'la his Tropic Thunder makeup. He would be fantastic, and he's done with Avengers now, I think…?

  3. I'm looking at my Halo 3 legendary edition helmet and thinking …. "yeah I guess that is a gender neutral piece of armor, Master Chief will be a women in the show for sure" Does it matter tho? and does that mean Cortana will be represented as a man? I just blew my own mind

  4. NOPE. I won't be watching it if they cast a white Sgt Johnson or if the dates and locations don't align with what is already in the lore. Enough of this excuse "What works in the source material might not work in show blah blah blah…" You are making a show to tell a story that's already been mostly told, just re-tell it as it is known or don't re-tell it at all, PERIOD.

  5. Just leave master chief hidden and ambiguous underneath his helmet
    and keep the rest the same, come on it's not that hard. Sigh, I hope this doesn't pan out in that cheesy PC way

  6. Sounds like they're getting out of development hell and into the dumpster. If it ain't canon then what's the frickin point?!
    Personally I feel like they're making a serious error focusing on the main cast of Halo anyhow, just give me a squad of ODSTs stationed on a ship that sees some shit on the regular smack dab in the middle of the war. Shit follow Captain Keyes around, the man was fucking epic.

  7. At around 2:00, there are live action cutscenes.. where are they from? Reach?

  8. I imagined a bit of butthurt, but not to this extent! grabs popcorn, sets screen to autoscroll

  9. Ethnicities. Goddamn ethnicities. What hell has this TV show truly fallen into?

  10. As long as johnson sounds like johnson and is badass i dont care about race, that saying, lets say johnson was Hispanic, he can NOT have the accent, johnson is johnson, not hispanic johnson

  11. The show should be about red team,since we haven’t seen them that much

  12. Having a white, or something different than an African-American man, is HERESY .

  13. I really hope they don't mess it up like when the doom game had nothing to do with the doom movie

  14. I will not agree with a white Johnson. It will be terrible. I fell in love with Johnson in the games. I'd turn gay for him….No homo.

  15. I would cast Martyn Ford as Master Chief and Edris Elba as Sergeant Johnson.

  16. They have no respect for the gaming fanbase.It's all about their woke sjw hollywood politics!

  17. OMG, everyone get a grip!!! Lets be happy that they have a HUGE budget for the show and 343 industries is working with the studios on this one. We are finally getting a major budget Halo series. So a few details change, 343 is involved and they are working with showtime to make it work. Sit back, calm your butts down, and enjoy the fact that we finally have a well thought out attempt at a show. I love my gaming and nerd culture, but sometimes we tend to B***h a lot about things out of our control. The moment you know how to successfully adapt a game into a successful serious then please, go to showtime and show them how it is done. Until then relax. They got this. If it sucks, then we still have the games any different mini series/animated movies that we got to enjoy.
    Low key though… DON'T F**K THIS UP SHOWTIME!!!! We been waiting for this for almost 20 years!

  18. It's IMDB not IMBD you iliterate idiot

  19. Geesh calm ur tits the thing is ot even out yet. Until it comes out stop judging

  20. Changing ethnicity is like making a whole new character, they won't even be the same person anymore even if they have the same attitude or personality

  21. It MATTERS.. would it be cool if.. Brad Pitt played Malcolm X
    Chris Rock as George Washington
    Ben Affleck as MLK
    Please.. don't make it if you're gonna f— it up

  22. If they can’t keep it canon then cancel it right now. Straight up

  23. This video = dumb, a lot of people in these comments = dumb

  24. A live action Halo is a decade too late. They should've gotten the film off the ground before Bungie dipped out.

  25. I think Samuel L Jackson would be a good SgtMaj. Johnson

  26. "We want to respect the fans and what they love about the IP." Bullshit, no you don't. You just want to satisfy your social agenda on diversity. Diversity for the sake of diversity is the dumbest thing ever. The halo universe was already diverse. The casting choice was deliberate and another social political stunt. Guess what, if you disagree you're now a racist sexist. If you want lead black and female characters, write your own damn story.

  27. Can they do us a favour and call it something else. its clearly not halo. its a cheap imitation. if your not going to stick to the lore, then just fuck off and leave it alone.

  28. Did they just assume master chiefs ethnicity? And is this the first time that EVERYONE is against ethnicity changes?

  29. Imagine they turn master chief into a transgender lesbian

  30. Guys relax, theyre not gonna white wash johnson, i hope. The other characters tho, thats up for debate.

    I dunno why they need to change up ethnicities tho, halo is pretty diverse as it is.

  31. It's going to be a disaster. I'm sorry to say.

  32. Sgt Johnson played by Samuel Jackson

    "Ive had it with these mother fucking covenent on this mother fucking pillar of autumn! "

  33. Just think…back before all this virtue signaling/identity politics/PC/"woke" culture, we used to see as close a proximity to the characters as you could get. We didn't see race/sex swapping, we didn't see destroying the lore in order to fit some director's idea of what THEY want to see instead of paying homage to the story tellers and fans who love the product being manipulated. I won't watch anything much anymore out of Hollywood becasue they crap all over the things I love (T2, Star Wars/Trek, og animated Disney movies, etc.)

  34. the only way they can make the Halo TV show good is by adding CRAIG

  35. The walking dead for example has complete detoured from the comics at this point. They’ll do the same to halo…

  36. SGT Johnson is being cancelled from the show for "knowing what the ladies like."

  37. I really think Nathan Fillion would play Buck well, the resemblance is uncanny and he really has the personality that Buck has in the games.

  38. Scenes where MC showers? He literally didn't take his suit off for years. His no time for rest, always fighting, is what adds to the awe of him as a super soldier. He supposed to be ghost white because he never takes off his suit. If you show his face, you can honestly count me out.

    Also, no. Sorry. You cannot have a white Srgt Johnson.

  39. Jhon 117 is gonna be a gay black trans person. Mark my words . Lol

  40. If they make Sergeant Johnson white, Im not watching it haha. Literally my favourite character in the original game.

  41. I mean for a series set in the future ome complaint ive always had was the tolenism. At least in game. There arent really many races mixed that you see beside a whole lot of white, Some black and spots of latino. What about the other races? Indian, native American, asian, etc. they just really arent there. Gotta mix it up. Only in most recent iterations of the game have they done it, but really they just added most african americans…sorta

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