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Why I think the Halo TV Series is gonna fail

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I have a number of concerns about this coming show, and I really wish I didn’t. Please watch the video in its entirety before commenting as I try to provide evidence for my views from a variety of sources.

Edit: I may have been incorrect about my comment on the trailer when it shows who I thought was Captain Keyes. It may in fact be Soren. My comments still stand about Keyes’ actor, but I may have been wrong about the trailer footage.

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  1. Watched it. It suck. I'll never enjoy halo again.

  2. This is stupidly 🤪 review haha. I have been watching the Halo TV series that I became a big fun that I have upgraded my tv to 85” 8K Samsung and Sonos beam2 and sub gen3. This is way to appreciate the whole Halo cinematic series. This Halo production is elevating another level of the future tv shows… this is my advice, try to watch Halo 85in tv and a good doubly atmos speakers and sub. The productions and actors are good to bring Halo to the masses… Peace ✌️

  3. duuuude i remember watching you unbox halo 3 mcfarlane figures glad to see youre still passionate about halo after all these years

  4. Halo TV series? Since when. I live under a rock lmao

  5. The problem I’m having with creativity now a days is its every news media based…. Just by watching the trailer alone without you having to break it down, makes me believe that they’ll make these new characters be the #1 priority especially since they’re female characters in a male based game. That’s the biggest issue here females make up a wayyyyy smaller percentage of gamers especially the ones who play Halo… I’m all for female empowerment but let’s not have another Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) on our hands. But yeah changing genders and characters, is anew norm for these people ..All I have to say is #gowoke = #gobroke .

  6. I’m nervous about this show after watching this video, I’m already nervous about media other than the main games handling master chiefs story, I’d rather they come up with new interesting characters rather than use the already well established and well loved characters of halo and probably screw them up, also really annoyed that they switched captain Keyes race for no reason other than “diversity” if they wanted a great black character they should’ve made their own, also weird that they seem to have got Jen Taylor to play Cortana but not Halsey.

  7. Firstly, you began by clarifying your background, so I'll do the same. Long time fan (I'm talking early Halo 3 figure reviews), good to see you back on YouTube. I work in film and television production as a writer and producer, and I've been playing Halo since CE, too, and have read every released Halo book up until Silentium, at which point I needed a break and have struggled to return barring Shadow of Intent and some other good standouts. I'm still a big lore nerd and have a deep, burning passion for Halo which not even the worst parts of Halo 5 could quench. So, I have five main things I wanted to respond on:

    1) I think you're far too hung up on this splitting off from core canon. This is only a net positive. The show can't afford not to work on its iconography – Chief, Halsey, the rings. This was likely contractual. Amblin Television are Steven Spielberg's company – they can pick and choose who they work with. If anything, worry about who there has the decision-making power between them and 343i. They likely need a clean slate to retell that iconography without offending fans or altering/retconning canon. Are you looking for another Fall of Reach/Halo: Reach canon debate which takes ten years to settle before 343i come up with a workaround in regards to Cortana and Chief's first meeting?

    Halo lore is dense. Very dense. Near Star Wars? No. Not even close. Enough to matter for this? Yes. The writers are already working with a minefield – r/Halo had to go into lockdown recently due to death threats to Infinite's MP developers due to microtransactional woes. Why would it be fair to make them suffer by writing more into the game's timeline? They will want the creative freedom they deserve. But they don't want to offend fans – they want to blow them away. Well – now John-117 dies in episode three, and Frederic-104 gets Cortana and has to save the world. Just an example, but isn't that so much more interesting than a complete and faithful retelling of Halos 1-3, robbed of the interactivity which makes embodying the Master Chief in his story so interesting? This is just an example – it's likely the show isn't even focusing on events of the Human-Covenant War story told in the games, but it still stands. Maybe they think it's unfair to give the fans something which takes away as much as it adds to existing lore – so why not give them something completely different, instead? Makes perfect sense to me.

    Last bit on this point – your question, "Why would you not want the show to be directly connected to the canon of everything else that's been created?" Because it doesn't have to be. They're not relying on Halo fans to make their money. They're counting on making new ones. With this being the Silver Timeline, they can still experience totally new stories in the games. That's 343's angle. So do you see now why it's effectively fruitless to attempt to adapt the games (or even just their tangled, dense canon) directly? They're not adding new ingredients to a dish here, or taking any away – they're just making a new plate altogether and leaving the other one there for whomever wants it.

    2) Makee seems like a silly idea. I hope they're planning something ingenious. Maybe the Silver Timeline will reinstate Bungie's original lore wherein the Forerunners are human and Makee has something to do with that. Maybe Makee is a necessary evil to the Prophets; they do need a Reclaimer to active the rings – she could do this for them. Who knows. Either way, even if the idea seems outlandish, that's only because it breaks the canon that we know – and this isn't that canon, so it's silly to presume anything and best to go into the show with an open mind.

    3) This is why I commented. Let's talk about Sapani as Keyes. I'm generally against raceswapping, too. As a writer, if someone bastardized my intent for a character, I'd be mad. However – Captain Jacob Keyes' character has never been established to have a known national heritage and this is irrelevant to his purpose in the plot and overall character. It is not in good faith of you to assume that someone had an agenda – you don't know if that's true, or who could have done it, or why it was done, even if you're correct. Thus, when you say that, you actively cheapen and blacken the work of the entire crew. You're pulling the pin on a grenade, throwing it into a room full of blind people, and saying – "One of you did it, find the imposter!" – and it's not fair.

    Sergeant Johnson frequently uses colloquialisms and such which indicate at the very least heritage of Afro-American cultural descent. Making him white would be ridiculous – and nothing whatsoever like this incident. Keyes has none of that. Never did. Never has. The only thing we know about his heritage is that his grandfather smoked a pipe. That has nothing to do with race. There is this bizarre sentiment of "this is all woke propaganda" – and I have to challenge that point: what is it propagandizing? Representation? In this instance, anger over Keyes' change of ethnicity is just a little ridiculous. His heritage and ethnicity mean nothing to the story, or the character. Sapani auditioned and got the role – end of story. The amount you presumed about this and the agendas of the crew and cast and production team, etc, is, as someone who works in this industry, genuinely concerning.

    4) Miranda is likely still the child of Keyes and Halsey. Her being a doctor isn't a great shock. Perhaps in the Silver Timeline she followed her mother's footsteps instead of her father's. There's good emotional arc potential there, yearning for a mother who never wanted nor cared for you and learning from repeating her mistakes. Common adaptation stuff – wouldn't worry about it. It could be as good or bad as literally any other narrative arc ever written – we know nothing yet.

    5) I really want to touch on this briefly – yeah, human enemies are cheap. And also relatable without the enormous budget needed to spearhead a bevvy of alien antagonists. This is just basic literary psychology. This is just the first season of a show. It's so god damn hard to stretch a budget over the course of 8-10 episodes as it is, before anything gets to the editing or VFX departments (which for this show will already likely be getting an enormous chunk of the budget). It's really not important whether the antagonists are human or alien. I understand you want them to be alien, but that's really not important – what's important is that it's good.

    Now that we're through all of that: I really think you'd benefit from not expecting the show to be exactly what you want. Most of this video was you speaking about how this was not what you wanted. That's your right – this is your channel, after all. But they've been consistently releasing some pretty clear information about the show, at least compared to other shows once filming has wrapped, and I find it odd how often you reference that you're "confused" – of course you are, you're scrubbing through IMDb information trying to piece together a show that not even the editing team has yet! Be patient and don't be so zealous when judging this – there's no reason to believe in Liberal Agenda conspiracy theories or that everyone on set wants the Halo series to burn. A lot of your red flags are based not on actual production red flags, to me, but rather on your own preferences not being catered to, and I found it a little hard to listen to at times. Hope you're well and nothing in this comment offends. I'm also open for discussion about my counterpoints to what you've said.

  8. I very much agree with you here. It's sad that we have to clarify "I'm not racist, I just hate it when characters get changed" when talking about this kind of stuff. I definitely feel like it's going to push politics.
    The whole "silver timeline" thing is… silly, it's not what Halo fans have wanted for 20 years, so who are they making it for?
    At least it should lead to some cool figures

  9. Woah lot to unpack here. It makes sense as to why they're taking such a human focused route for the story cause she also produced Halo 4 which tried to make chief more human. It feels like there's a lot of different concurrent story lines happening and that's what is really scary to me because I don't want them to lose focus and end up making a ton of mediocre stories. Honestly one idea I thought would be great for a show would be focusing on noble six when he was essentially an oni hitman. This would allow the audience to focus on a pretty popular character as Halo reach was very popular while also giving us a character with not as much lore which would give you some creative liberties. It would also be great for the audience as in the games, Noble six was meant to be a self insert character so that the audience could experience the story and the world in a more personal way and I feel the same could be true I'm a show. The story could focus on the insurrection and the covenant which could lead to a lot of interesting plot points. If they wanted a more morally gray story as opposed to a more star wars like good vs evil story, we could delve deeper into the insurrection and seeing their reasons why they disagree with the unsc. Maybe we could see how the unsc's "the ends justify the means" approach not always be the best option or seeing that after math of one of those decisions. Maybe even bringing in soren-066 for that would be great too, as you could show him training to be a Spartan and being excited to get the augmentations so he could defeat the covenant, only to becomes deformed due to the process and having him end up resenting the unsc for having that happen to him and his peers. Maybe even talk about how THEY KIDNAPPED CHILDREN and replaced them with copies that would die after a few weeks so their parents wouldn't find out their children were kidnapped! There's so much content for the show to have a complex and morally gray story that the show is most likely going after, that it makes it confusing why they would choose chief, as it's always him being the hero and the covenant the bad guys. Chief doesn't need morally complex as his whole story is fighting for the hope and life of humanity. If they're making a story about chief, it should be that. Have the covenant as the main antagonist and really get into why they want to wipe out humanity and build up their terribleness. It would make it so much more satisfying in the end defeating one of the prophets, kind of like how I'm game of thrones, the most satisfying scene was when Ramsey died because the build up of just how terrible of a person he is was done so well, it made the payoff that much more satisfying. On the note of comparing it to other franchises, I love the comparisons to star wars in this video as star wars has always been a been vs evil story, just like how the Halo games are to me. The new Disney star wars took a different direction by trying to be less black and white in that regard and I think it could have gone very well. For example, Kylo Ren was one of the most complex and compelling characters in that trilogy. But the bad thing was, he was about the only one that executed it well. In order to have those stories be good, it takes an immense amount of quality writing as even one bad scene can ruin a character. Overall, i like the idea of how they want a more emotion focused show, I think it's an interesting perspective. But I feel as though master chief and the other main characters are already so well established that having this story would be incredibly hard to pull off and would be better suited to either a more traditional Halo story, or keep the story with different characters.

  10. Yes because representation automatically equals “political” agenda. Helluva take, richh 😬

  11. Very happy to hear of another halo show since it is very true that halo doesn’t have much content compared to other universes but what halo has is nice but to hear that it breaks off from the game timeline is kind of upsetting cause with halo infinite they were trying to soft reboot the story I guess and now they’re branching off from it. I’ve finished the game and really wanted the show to touch up on the story for the game but sounds like that isn’t gonna happen :/ I really hope it’s a nice show but you’re making some huge points in their errors like changing the characters and whatnot and I agree with a lot of the points but hopefully it’ll be okay and a good show 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. I think Halo might rely too hard on Chief. Would so much rather a canon series on new characters rather than a non canon series on Chief that will only muddy an already growingly confusing lore/timeline…

  13. Gonna be another Cowboy Bebop (The Netflix one)

  14. @KoBaC You still modding Halo Reach figures w/ the swivel biceps?

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