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Why some people are VERY worried about the Halo Show…

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A new trailer has been released for the Halo TV show, and although the new Halo Trailer looked good, some people are still VERY worried about the Halo TV show. We’ll discuss the controversy and more on today’s Halo Video

What Happened to the UNSC In Halo Infinite

A Dark Future for the Flood in Halo

What Happened to the UNSC Infinity

Who is the Harbinger?

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5:16 – Trailer Breakdown
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  1. Speaking of Halo fans opinions on live action Halo movies or TV, what are the opinions on Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn?

  2. People are always fucking worried like if it sucks don’t bitch about it shows flunk all the time just don’t watch it wham
    Bam I found the answer to all your life problems just IGNORE IT Dang

  3. For me, I am not so much bothered by it being not strictly Canon. I am more worried about it deviating too wildly to the point of losing the general bones of the plot and it being watered down to the point of being ridiculous or bland.

  4. I think silver timeline is cool, everything already happened so why not make alternate universe

  5. Probably be a young female Spartan that knows everything, is the best at everything and is the key to everything.

  6. Let me preface this by saying as someone who IS black

    I absolutely despise race bending. It once more is one of the areas over correction in efforts to be more diverse ends up being more insulting. I’ve always hated it. If it is true that Captain Keys is black, that’s already a big annoyance for me. Halo one came out when I was in first grade and I loved it. There’s just… no reason to change who he is. He’s the gray haired experienced leader when we meet him in the game. Your run of the mill white military brass. Nothing wrong with that, just as Sergeant Johnson is your stereotypical black military leader who throws a very, very different style and flavor to his position. His humor and bravery are almost indistinguishable. Both are as boundless as his cigars. Why in the fuck do you change that? Do they not realize how insulting that is for me?

    Do they not know how confusing it was to see a black kingpin in the daredevil movie as a kid? What the fuck.

    Sigh. Fuckers. It’s annoying. Your efforts to include me actually alienate, infuriate and insult me. You don’t need to rebrand existing white/male characters to make good black/female/minority ones…. You just make…. Good characters under those categories to begin with. I’m certain they’d not make sergeant Johnson white.

    Bleh. Pre-pissed off.

  7. Honestly the trailer didn’t do anything for me..good or bad.. and I’m not sure how to really feel. I know video games made into movies hardly ever turn out good. that track record alone worries me

  8. is it me or the armor for Spartans looks really cheap and cosplay like? Look at the Reach live action trailers and then look at this armor. Looks like plastic to me.

  9. well too bad imo everyone always complains all the time but I dont see them writing better shows of their own so? itll be the same thing that happened to bebop a perfectly fine show til you start breaking it down to and comparing to the original source material. Of course itll be different its a more modernized, streamlined experience and yes also a cash grab like literally everything else, so idk maybe just enjoy the experience or something. and before you say halo is modern already remember it came out 21 years ago 22 by the time the show airs so…yeah.

  10. Hopefully we'll see the flood if not we'll riot 😒

  11. I thought the trailer looked amazing and I was excited until I watched it again. The scene with the hanger and Spartans just looked out of place because of the massive amounts of cgi. Hopefully it does well though.

  12. I mean who cares? What happens in the show should be different anyway

  13. I’m more worried about this different timeline and the various perspectives

  14. booo xD Halo has been great with actually keeping their canon mostly valid with all the media… That sucks a bit.

  15. Here's my problem, it's made for Paramount + and everything I've seen from that streaming network has had great production values…..and terrible writing. cough Star Trek Discovery cough

  16. Looks like it'll be bad.
    Looks like plastic, looks too character focused. Doesn't look like itll put focus on the overarching themes if halo.
    For me the changing of race is just yet another time movie/TV studios just have to change it for them woke points.

  17. Also during Joseph Staten's interview a while ago he said he watched the first few episodes, his reaction was very much like Mark Hamills when he was asked about the Star Wars sequels.

  18. they need to gender swap masterchief into a girl and cortana should be Samuel jackson

  19. It’s a corporate Tv show for ratings… there will be no continuity and it’ll be boring as fuck with cliche problems not accustomed to the halo lore

  20. I mean thank god it wont be official cannon, could you imagine the show and the games and the books trying to all connect. Honestly I wish it wasnt master cheif as the main lead and instead another spartan like noble 6 or Red team leader master chief was created to be a one liner spilling machine with cortana to do big exposition for him I am ok with separate timeline lore, considering ive barley cared for halo lore, halo just knows how to tell a story well it synchs its music with emotion so well and its insane visuals its always been a journey hopefully the show will be and not halo 4 and 5 of hitting you in the face with exposition.

  21. Am I the only one who thought the Keyes were Latinos ?

  22. I love you and your show, but im finally gonna have to disagree, as i hate separate timeline projects. It feels lazy to me, and if it isnt canon, it isnt worth knowing about

  23. Captain, Miranda keys are literally black. Theres no reason to change when we already have enogh black characters

  24. The trailer looks like it was made by politically correct people who wanted to give you a low quality nothing burger

  25. I love Halo its been my favorite game since forever but the show is gonna flop its just not a story the mainstream will get behind and not one you can experience through watching, I don't want it to flop of course but it most likely will

  26. "Somewhat different" eh? "Dr." Keys is a disgrace as well.

  27. I honestly do not get why people are upset by captain Keyes being played by a black man to be honest like, i would get it if they did a JK Rowling and like changed the original canons Keyes race just for superficial diversity reasons, but it takes place in a completely different timeline and universe then the games so it doesn't really matter tbh. The only people I see being upset by this are either anti sjw clowns who get upset whenever theres a trans person added in warhammer or whatever or people who don't understand that this isn't the original canon and doesn't effect the games in the slightest.

    (Probably a mix of both)

  28. i think it should have been like halo wars or grey team, a ship with marines, ODSTs, spartans and the ships crew behind covenant lines.

  29. This trailer looks good to me!
    Sure nothing will ever be as good as the games, but this comes close!

  30. I'm very much worried about the show for a multitude of reasons. First, as mentioned, would be the production and just getting to this point with all of the possible movies, shows and so forth being started, then cancelled and then having different directors, networks and whatnot come in and take over. So, that is very concerning but so is the fact that the with the short blonde hair who I believe is named Makee, is a female character in Halo that is an orphan yet raised by the Covenant. I love the Bungie Halo games, mostly Halo CE – Halo Reach, although Halo ODST didn't really do much of anything for me. That being said, I don't mind the fact that they're likely going to come up with a new storyline or new material but my issue with that, like the trailer insinuates, is that they're going to focus on other characters that I don't care about, compared to the Master Chief. As shown in the trailer, the Master Chief gets like 10 seconds of air time, which definitely has me a bit concerned in that they show a handful of other characters that I don't really care about more than the Master Chief. So, I'm hoping and praying that they don't deviate from what makes Halo epic, aka the Master Chief, and focusing on Makee or other characters that I simply don't care about. The Human-Covenant war started in what, like 2525? and the events of Halo CE took place in 2552, so they've got almost 30 years of different battles and so forth that they can work with. So, I don't necessarily care about them not following the Halo video game storylines, but I'm definitely an origins fan and would love it if they started with the Master Chief when he's a child and show him going through the Spartan II program, although that I'm sure likely isn't going to happen.

    Other issues that I have with the trailer… yeah, I do have an issue with Captain Keyes and his daughter as well being a different race. It seems like they're trying to make Halo too politically correct with casting different actors of different races from the video games and adding a bunch of female characters as well. Hopefully that's not the case, but if it is, I don't know why they just don't use Blue team as both Kelly and Linda are Spartan II's, and females, and would make for in my opinion, a much better story than female human characters that will distract from the Halo/Master Chief storyline. The other black male character in the trailer is supposedly Soren – 066, which he was washed out in the Halo storyline after not making it successfully through all of the augmentations he received. I believe he was severely handicapped and once again, you've got a show that's supposed to focus on the Master Chief, yet you're focusing on all of these other minute characters that no one else really seems to care about. Hopefully the show is very successful and they have multiple seasons of it, and I'm definitely hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst, unfortunately.

  31. Seeing what paramount is currently doing to Star Trek… I would have rather had this never made.

  32. Finding out this halo show is separate from the cannon halo timeline definitely makes me concerned

  33. I think the bigger issue is the timing of release. This is going to seem like a mandalorian rip off. Another guy who wears a helmet doesn’t say much and won’t remove it… I love halo but I’m worried this show will get one season max

  34. might as well make cortana a black male transvestite if they’re not gonna be true to how the characters are portrayed in the games.

  35. I'm expecting the worst. That trailer did nothing for me and if you look at history, the state of the film industry these days, people in charge, and trends… it's really hard to feel optimistic.

  36. Of course, people have a right to be worried, with the way modern Studio executives think, the show can easily become another the last jedi

  37. Making Keys black when halo already has black main characters like Johnson kind of tells me that they are going to woke the shit out of it and bomb hard.

  38. The fact that it's out of official cannon has completely killed any interest I had in it

  39. Taking place in a different timeline means that I have heard enough to know that I don’t want to see it. The story is too important to me.

    Besides, time is not made out of lines. It is made out of circles, that is why clocks are round.

  40. When are these people going to learn… if you want to not get your show cowboy beboped if you disrespect the fan base and shit on the source material.

  41. How did The covenant react when they first saw Spartans I would really love to know

  42. personally hate woke stuff and new live action shows are plagued with it. ill watch if it has good reviews saying its full Halo with no "Hollywood" influence

  43. I honestly don't even see why they are making it at this point…seriously why make a story if it isn't even part of the main lore? But then again…good it isn't part of the main lore. They would just retcon loads of stuff anyways.

  44. This video has been copyright claimed. If you see a load of ads, it isn’t my doing. Sorry all. Free video 😂

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