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Why The Halo TV Series Is Going To Fail

Taylor Ellis
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In this video essay I break down why I believe the halo TV show is probably going to fail to meet audience expectations. As a huge fan of the games, I really want them to succeed, but I just don’t think there’s much of a chance of it turning out well. There are major challenges with the source material, and the very nature of the film industry is going to be a huge hurdle to overcome if the show has any chance of doing well with fans.

0:00 – INTRO
1:14 – Problems With The Source Material
1:35 – Master Chief is The Protagonist
3:20 – Problems With Other Adaptations
4:37 – High Stakes and Weak Antagonists
6:45 – Economic Challenges
8:10 – Red Flags in Development
8:43 – Conclusion


  1. Halo works so well, because its a SETTING DRIVEN story.
    Just like Dune, saving private ryan, 1917, and Dunkirk, Halo works so well, because it focuses on the setting and theme at play, rather than the main character as much.
    Halo Reach was so good, because it showed the desperation everyone felt defending one of the largest colonies of earth. That type of emotional attachment and the fact characters dont acknowledge the novelty of a space colony, really adds so much details that makes the world and characters seem beleivable.

    Chief would work well if the show portrayed him to be a badass space marine, that at the end of the day is just a robot, that works his job. But eventually has to deal with the very real and human casualties all around him, that the war brings on. The war isnt a useless war, and everyone has every reason in the world to sacrifice themselves to save their own race. Bringing that need for sacrifice and service into the characters around halo would be insanely good.

    What if the show was based off Saving Private Ryan? We have an ODST in wheelchairs coming back to the scene we saw Hood and the Arbiter near the clipped pelican wing, that finds his old helmet that has his war footage. We see the invasion of some random human colony, where master chief was deployed with the ODST to do everything in their power to stop the Covenant advance, only to lose no matter what happened.

    Modelling it after saving private ryan will litterally save the show. It fits the vibe perfectly.

  2. What makes Master Chief, Hood, and the other stereotypical "Badasses" have so much depth, is the badass shit they say.

    They know this is humanities last stand, and they acknowledge the fact that the actions they take today, will affect everything they ever know and love. But they mask that enourmous responsibility by trying to be badass, so everyone else doesnt get demoralized. 343 did that job well with Infinite, that shows the fact that Chief is Stoic, and is hardened to what happens, but isnt infallible to everything that happens to him, and eventually makes mistakes, because of his past experiences.

  3. Why can't they do what Arcane did and do an Animated Series.. man

  4. Porque no mejor de decir tantas mámadas las das?

  5. You forget a major part of Chiefs personality in the beginning games… Cortana. She will add dimensions that Chief will lack. I don't see your argument though when a show like Mandalorian thrived. Underlined main plot with slow development, then each episode has a primary mission. Mando and Chief has similar personalities. I'd argue this show has a good chance of success. The other part about the show runners not returning could be more based on the years of headache just to get it to where it is and just tired of the people with the money causing such a hold up rather than being unhappy with the product.

  6. Don’t blame the character, blame the choreographer maybe and the actor under the mask (possibly) because in all of the game series and all the animations and all the cutscenes there was never one flaw with the storyline nor the animated choreography.

  7. Typical woke generation not having faith in anything.

  8. Idk man, I want to have high hopes but I've read some shit about one of the plot points and it just seems like crap.

    One of the main antagonist or the main antagonist which ever is going to be a human who was raised by the Covenant. Like I just don't see this logically working.

    How is a normal human going to fight against MC? Are they going to give him some kind of special covenant power armor made just for him? Cheif would just turn that shit inside out like any other covie he's faced.

    Are they going to give him a super soilder serum type shit to make him on equal par with cheif? Well why not give it to the rest of the covenant then?

    The only way I see this working is if the kid is a spy, but even then how is he gonna know any useful info? Are they going to send him to become some high ranking officer?

    I just don't see this being a good plot point

  9. Honestly, I really wish master chief wasn’t in this show. I enjoyed the books that he wasn’t in the most, his character is just so boring in the grand scheme of things.

  10. Halo got old yellered by the new generation of kids that played it. The series will most likely going to fail hard like halo 5. Maybe they will find a way to add their micro transactions to the movie as well lol.

  11. Masterchief in much newer games like 4 and infinite (maybe not rlly 5) does take out his one dimensional usual character. In halo infinite hes clearly got more character and talks much more unlike the original 3 games. Chief has faults like him loosing those he care such as samuel a best friend he lost, cortana herself, johnson and miranda, etc. he has flaws that can be taken. He starts to understand and gain his humanity back after being a simple tool of humanity in warfare.p

  12. Masterchief is a soldier all he knows is war… Play off of that, all you need to do.

  13. We don't need chief to make a good stroy like we could have something like reach or something like OTSD would be cool and you could do alot with em

  14. They might just make a remake of a master chief origin story just on the small screen.

  15. Watch it before judging bud can criticis on something thats bearly becoming somthing more than a game

  16. Why does this have so many downvotes when this is an incredibly good analysis? The reasons listed are why so many video game shows/movies have failed.

  17. Forward Unto Dawn was good. Why is Master Chief as the protagonist a bad thing?

  18. I knew this show was going to fail after seeing the woke trailer lol. They cared more about showing all the diversity in the trailer then what it’s going to be about

  19. He sounds like he's not going to be happy with anything that gets turned out. I'm just glad to see any Thing released concerning the Halo Universe franchise

  20. The first season should have just done some version of Reach and only had chief at the end.

  21. Thw Halo tv series is gonna be woke garbage that isnt even canon. Pass.

  22. I think if the masterchief character can get away with a mandalorian style of screen presence then it should work really well. He doesn't need to have a lot of dialogue if the overall story is good and the supporting characters step up. I'm really looking forward to it.

  23. damn I really hope it's not going to be full of wokeness that ruins other movies and remakes these days


  25. question:why did sonic slam box office and get a sequal whilst halo cant even get a movie

  26. I survived Halo 4/5 and Infinite.

    Bring it on!

    P.S. As a big fan of the dark tower , I will never going to watch the movie. But the Halo Trailer looks more promising.

  27. I disagree with this it looks like worth watching
    But again you like what you like

  28. Even if it Fails, I'm still gonna watch it! LOL The fact that its gonna be a series and not a movie gives me hope!

  29. Ah yes, a good pre-analysis of the up-coming Halo show. You make fine points! Thanks, mate.

  30. The Fall of Reach is really the best move they can make depicting the Chief in a live action film series. The actor still needs to sound like a younger version of Steve Downes. And keep his stoic-ness.
    That said, seeing him adorned in his Mark VI armor in the trailers as opposed to the canonically correct Mark V armor during the Fall of Reach, it seems a film series depicting Master Chief during that time period won’t be the case. Or it could be a big oversight.

  31. "Charachters hating the one you love"
    I hear your arguments, but your ideas for the character of Master Chief sound like projections and wants, rather than constructive ideas.
    As far as the covenant being "Aweful antagonists"…there are SO many stories that have a basis on religious beliefs. The show could be a chance to explore more of why they are so hell bent, things that have been touched on in books already, things that are indeed deeper than just religious zelots.

    So…all in all…it sounds like you're just making a clickbaity video for the views, rather than give any actual constructive advice or thoughts that are your own. Just cherry-picked ideas and thoughts from a cursory look at a few bits of Halo lore.

  32. The covenant can be goof villians if done right, in reach for example, there actually really fucking scary

  33. the show isn't even out yet and you're hating on it already, just wait for it to come out first then criticise it

  34. Best thing to do is have SGT Johnson be the Protagonist. Maybe have the Chief in as a cameo, but not the focus. Tell the story of Johnson ether before the events of CE or during CE and how he survived the ring.

  35. As long as they don't make it "woke" it will be fine.

  36. I worked as an extra in this series. bro they sweated their asses to shoot this. they have put a lot of hard work into it . I hope it will be good and success on the box office.

  37. I dont think you truely understand Master Chief. However you made some excellent points from a fillm maker stand point.
    In a nut shell Spartan 117 protects humanity, but doesnt have a connection to it, until Cortana comes a long. She shows him the way so to speak.

  38. Can't disagree more, but respect for putting your thoughts out there.

    Mandalorian showed storytelling can be done with a faceless main character who doesn't talk much. There are human themes for Chief to explore such as survival, fear, heroism, leadership, hard choices (who lives and dies). Cortana can be used to deepen his character by having his silence, actions and body language provide implicit responses to her speech. Chiefs background can be brought into the series. Characters don't need to be all that deep if it's a plot heavy story and Halo has good plot.

    Covenant are fantastic antagonists when you understand their role. The main antagonist is really the flood, and in Halo CE you begin the story with the Cov as this overwhelming alien force, when you realise they mistakenly believe the Halo ring is their salvation and they are terrified of the flood they become tragic and fallen. Theybare fleshed out more in Halo 2. The flood are fucking terrifying and we see them already building a grave mind in Halo CE. Gmind is real antagonist. Gmind is a terrifyingly excellent antagonist.

    If it has good action people will tolerate a very rudimentary story.

    You are correct on the concern about showrunners not returning for season 2.

    Hollywood can screw up anything.

  39. Forward unto was a halo movie, the other one was cheap and boring, and this is gonna be stupid, make halo halo, not halo and woke shit or something dumb

  40. Steve Downs isnt voicing Chief, The Actor playing chief wants to have more of a part and wants to take his helmet off on screne….THAT IS A HUGE FCK NO….I dont see this show lasting at all. Just gonna be another failure because exectuives have absolutely no idea what theyre doing.

    Heres a good Halo Film Idea….. LITERALLY MAKE HALO REACH A MOVIE, Period. Not the book, but the actual game. Or why not actually give us a legit Live Action Fall of Reach, the animated one but actually do live action.

    Actually, Just have fricken Blur studios make the entire movie with all the original cast voices and be done with it, Blur Studios demolished Bungie and 343 with their Halo 2 and wars 2 cutscenes

  41. As a fan of action movies I'm all for an action driven show jam packed with lots of awesome battle scenes. Honestly, my concerns are the opposite of yours. I'm more worried that they'll focus too much on drama and feelings etc. than action.

  42. I think an ODST ft. MasterChief TV show would've been the safest bet but who knows

  43. Halo landfall hit the perfect style IMO and i disagree with the covenant as bad antagonists, their religious fanatism & pride coupled with the different castes of aliens could make for great characters and conflict

  44. From the leeks the show will fail for 2 reasons.
    1. its going to be woke as hell.
    2. Season 2 is going to be done by bad robot under Alex kurtzman the group who made star trek discovery and picard. They completely distroyed the star trek franchise.

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