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Laper Larden
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After two years of waiting, plenty of feedback and a new creative team, you’d think season 2 of the Halo TV Show would be a solid improvement, right..?

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0:00 How bad can it be?
2:35 Misleading Marketing
4:01 Early Reviews
5:48 “The Master Chief is John”
10:41 The Fall of Reach
18:53 Parangosky’s Plans
25:42 Cortana’s Capture
28:26 Discovering Halo
31:21 Are we the bad guys..?
37:00 Soren’s Sidequest
42:50 The Arbiter
44:18 Makee
46:48 The Covenant
49:04 The Spartan IIIs
54:10 Forerunner DNA?
55:55 The Music
1:02:26 The Best for Halo?

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  1. I would've bought the shit out of paramount+ if they stayed faithful to the games/books

  2. Why do they keep hiring showrunners that don't give a damn about the source material and are morons? Then they wonder why the shows fail

  3. That's why I pretend that montage of bad scenes doesn't exist

  4. Cant make a series about Master Chief and forget to put in the actual Master Chief not some random spartan that never wears a helmet.

  5. Johnanthan Nolan should take over Halo. Just start from scratch.

  6. This is the best halo tv show review it’s so good but it makes me that sad because everything you said is accurate and true… this show just fucking sucks

  7. This show was a scyfy original tv show with Halo characters and assets slapped onto it with no regards of telling a good story and remaining faithful to the source material.

  8. What I wish they did. Is make the “fall of reach” the final episode instead of the flood. So it could lead the storyline of halo 1 as season 3. At that point it’s a soft reboot

  9. Any Halo story would have been better if John/Chief was not the main character.

    The "Master Chief" was designed to be a self-insert character.

    Sure, the books expanded John's character. But that is all expanded universe information.

    While not the best alternate character, having Catherine Halsey, Either Keyes, or another member from Blue team would have been a better choice for the main character.

  10. The fact that this Arbiter has to listen to the marquee instead of the Hierarchs (which tbf both of them are under their will but an Arbiter would serve them and only them unless the Hierarchs gave explicit orders) is fucking daft

  11. About 52:00

    It's the 343 Halo way, my friend.

    Everyone calls each other spartan every other spartan word spartan.

  12. I have an idea, season 3 is cancelled and a new series is made and follows a platinum timeline (which is just the gold timeline tweaked a bit for the sake of a show) season 1 covers spartan training and early missions while showing reach as the S2’s base of operations. Season 1 ends with chief finding the covenant on reach. Season 2 covers the fall of reach and leads the discovery of the halo ring and it plays out like the game of nobody knowing until later

  13. This is why nerds should be in charge of franchises like this or at least bring on lore consultants it’s not that hard.

  14. 15:17
    Thank you so much for bringing this up. When I saw the very very small article bringing this up my jaw hit the floor.

    "What do you mean you don't have the budget for the fall of Reach? Literally the second most important planet behind Earth in the gold timeline"

  15. Once that helmet came off turn this shit straight off

  16. I know there's no evidence, but at this point, conspiracy theory time, that this was done just as a way to retcon the bungie era lore in the same way The Fallout TV Show shat on everything 1, 2, and New Vegas did.

  17. The Fnaf Movie, Fallout TV Show, and the Mario Movie, did something the Halo TV Show didn't…… RESPECTING THE SOURCE MATERIAL!

  18. If you like the halo tv show and you're a normie, I'll call you a low I.Q. person. If you're a fan of halo games/ lore and think the show is good, I'll call you a non politically correct mentally challenged person

  19. Imagine. A squad of ODST and one spartan on a mission to do something for a halo show. IT writes itself

  20. Can we get some Veritas level investigative journalism into number bros and Microsoft’s seeming hyper extreme hate on for Halo and in particular, Master Chief?

    Seriously, is it actual negligence or a managed destruction of a golden goose?

  21. Y'all excepted and anticipated for this too much and I wouldn't have watched a animated one as I prefer live action adaptations more and tbh it's the writers and paramount that don't know what they're doing… at least the season 2 showrunner knew his lore

  22. An easy Halo story to follow a whole ship like the Spirit of Fire and habe several main characters. Include captain, a spartan team, odsts, regular marines and navy personal. Doesn't even have to be close to Chief at all. Maybe Master Chief does a cameo

  23. you know something is bad when Halo 5 is lumped in with the good stuff

  24. In retrospect, the amount of unnecessary simultaneous storylines is insane. I don't think I've EVER seen a show so disorganized and disjointed. Soren and Kwan could have been eliminated completely, and you'd lose absolutely nothing in the show. They did absolutely nothing except round out the "diversity" chart. Honestly, the only way Paramount could save this is to straight up apologize, and try a spinoff "Reach" series that isn't connected to this shit at all…

  25. The whole "John vs. Master Chief" fake dynamic is just like the whole "Major vs. Kusanagi" BS that was done in the 2016 Ghost in the Shell film. Good lord, it's not THAT complicated to understand!

  26. 1:00:51 hey don't compare Halo 4's ost to Halo 5's!! Halo 4's is amazing and I still cry everytime with green and blue 😞🤣

  27. The only conclusion we can draw is 343 were formed with the sole aim of destroying Halo. Between Infinite's recent lacklustre content (but plenty of cosmetics to buy $$), changing their anti cheat to the flawed Ezy Anti Cheat (already has single handedly destroyed MCC) and the horrible tv show. Fallout showed us how easy it can be done, make a good show and people will load up the games again. It cannot be anything else, 343 is the biggest meme ever, they have killed my favourite franchise 💔

  28. 55:00 fun fact, this was the OG halo plot that was changed lather to what we have now.


  30. The moment i heard tv chief took off his helmet, i said, "fuck that shit, I'm not watchin it"

  31. Except it didn't. Downvote the rage bait every time

  32. The story took a nosedive when 343 took over. Not sure how we’re fighting forerunners when we are forerunners. Completely butchered Bungie’s vision.

  33. I can't have an opinion on it cause I haven't watched a single episode of this tripe from what I've heard, it sucks ass gravy.

  34. Long story short: The show runners basically admitted to not liking Halo, and it shows.

  35. Imagine an entire first season of the show following “random” unsc recruits then in the last episode they share names and mc we’ve been following says at the very end after everyone else goes that his name is John and it becomes clear we’ve been following chief the whole time

  36. Laper Larden is also a Star Trek fan?! Is it possible to double subscribe? (Picard S3 rocked)

  37. Halo Seasons 1 & 2 epitomizes everything wrong with video game adaptation. We literally have super in-depth lore and timeline, literally hundreds of stories or events to adapt.

    You don’t even need to write a new story, just convert a game script into a show script. Then faithfully portray your super well known and beloved characters

  38. I’d take a less action filled series set in the first decade of Human-Convenant war, told in the eyes of intelligence analysts, politicians and generals, than this flaming pile of garbage.

  39. we need a redo on this shit, don’t take the most beloved character and fuck it all up, take an odst platoon and make an odst band of brothers and we’ll eat that shit up, like it’s not fucking hard 😂

  40. Yes, I know the doorway you’re talking about

  41. Imagine how good Halo would be if it were being made by people who like Halo

  42. Lets tell them to make a ODST survival flood show based on the book or something but make buck the star or atleast the actor as him 😂

  43. You know this is in no way what Halo deserves as a series, but being truthful this season was better. If season 3 continues to improve that’ll be nice, but I fear it already was too little too late

  44. They had gold, served to them on a gold platter. And they went, "Nah. We're gonna make up our own thing." Like WTF?

  45. Kiki Wolfkill is not a bad person. But it has been painfully clear since Halo 5 that she does not understand Halo and probably never has.

  46. Apologies for how late this video was uploaded! Premiere Pro was being way scared and refused to export the video.

    So, if you want to be better than Premiere Pro and not be way scared, you should subscribe.

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