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Why The Halo TV Show FAILED

Laper Larden
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If my reviews for each episode didn’t make it obvious, I really didn’t vibe with the Halo TV Series. I found it to be derivative of better sci-fi and it ultimately didn’t live up to the nine years of hype. But there’s a lot more to unpack from this baffling oddment of a show. So sit back, get ready to touch some glowy Forerunner triangles, as we examine why the first season of the Halo TV Show failed.

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LOCKi’s Halo TV Show Theme:

0:00 Intro
1:35 Origins
4:47 The Bad Press
6:31 The “Broader Audience”
8:54 Master Chief
15:53 Another Interpretation?
19:21 Kwan & Soren
21:42 Cross-Promotions
23:18 The Music
28:13 Source Material? Nahhh
30:24 What’s Next?
32:19 What’s Happening at 343?
33:13 Halo’s Current State (Outro)

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  1. All I hear when the music starts playing in the intro is Mass Effect, which speaks for itself on the direction of the show.

  2. It's not fair to say that about Halo 4 music. It's written in the style of the series, but it doesn't try to imitate Martin's style, and yes, it's not the same thing. For me, the opposite situation happened in Infinite, which is why the music was not remembered at all and it always seemed that I had already heard it.
    And Forward until dawn has a great soundtrack.

  3. Thing is this is one of the best sci Fi shows made in ages if you aren't a fab of the games or know the games

    Shame really.

  4. I'm of the opinion that the franchise is in the worst state it has ever been. Yes, even worse than the state it was in during the Halo 5 era. Not only have we gotten a broken, unfinished mess of a game that seems to be even less content-complete than its predecessor, but the TV show that many fans were anticipating for several years turned out to be a non-canonical, steaming pile of shit that outright disrespected the source material it was supposedly based upon. I'm in agreement that apathy is definitely where the fanbase will be headed next. You can, after all, only be disappointed so many times.

  5. The halo show and Arcane has convinced me that live action is just not right for most video game properties if you wanna make them into movies or Tv shows.
    Bungie is talking about doing a lot of Destiny Media content like TV shows and i hope they watched the fallout from this and arcane/Castlevania and learned what not to do.

  6. Really great review, fair but brutal and honest. One thing you forgot I think was the most important. What is Halo about? It's about humanity's last stand against the covenant alien race that destroys humanity. We saw nothing like this in this series; we saw quick battles here and there, but nothing that said they were a massive threat! Yes, there was that one scene in episode three when in the military bunker and they saw something on the screen planet destroyed; all we see is the aftermath with a lot of talks, but other than that, there's nothing. 
    The costar Quan, her family, was destroyed by the covenant of her whole tribe, and yet her vendetta is against humans? About control of a Territory? This makes no sense; humanity is on the chopping block, which I thought was the biggest failure. 
    Dumb, bad writing.  
    Besides that everything you mentioned was spot on; well done.

  7. Personally in my opinion the Halo TV series, at least at the start, should have been about/from the perspective of Sargent Johnson not the chief. He has an established character and backstory that can be explored and used, at the very least, as a starting point to bring viewers into the setting and set a view point/perspective that can be later broadened. One of which being unequivocally making it clear that the Chief is a character, not a vessel by the most direct means possible, making the focus of the story not him but someone else and the setting itself, if only for a time.

  8. I would watch a show that's just Halo Infinite cinematic. It doesn't have to be live action.

  9. halo just needs to die and restart at four. everything went down hill when halo 4 was made. and they need new management with people who are actually passionate and caring for the community and franchise. not these sorry excuses. oh and a plus would be a rename from 343 to something else such as mendicate/offensive bias industries.

  10. Why is your channel so low in views, this stuff actually rocks, I’m surprised your not up there with Hidden Xperia.

  11. Great work analyzing the issues with the Halo TV Series, Laper Larden! The fact that Halo has had several smaller decent or great ventures into the area of television – i.e., Believe, We Are ODST, Remember Reach, Halo: Legends, Halo: Forward Unto Dawn – and that television series that can provide a blueprint for creating a Halo TV Series exist saddens me that the 2021 show was done so badly. The information you provided about the history of its development was interesting. Given the poor selection on Paramount Plus and the mishandling of several series by Paramount I imagine there are some serious management issues with the company, and I think the issues could have affected the quality of the Halo TV Series. However, I definitely agree with your thoughts about the management at 343 Industries. I am glad the ideas fleshed out in the show were not a part of Halo: Infinite, but the fact that high-ranking staff members permitted the development of the series seemingly without any protests or recommendations for revision is concerning. The very rocky development of Halo: Infinite and the mishandling of the Halo TV Series indicates to me that there is some sort of split in 343 Industries. There are great aspects to Halo: Infinite and items like the Halo Encyclopedia that seem to be made by people at 343 Industries who genuinely care about the series and want it to flourish. Conversely, there have been questionable statements by 343 Industries related to the priorities of the Halo series and its future direction. I really want Halo to thrive in all formats and Halo: Infinite to provide an incredible narrative, game play, and social experience, but recent developments have made me uncertain of how realistic that desire is.

  12. Haven’t we done this already? You’re just rehashing for views.

  13. "why it failed?" Answer made by 343 30 min video done

  14. Everything about the show was decent. There just seems to be a disconnect between the halo lore fans expectations (probably a show depicting the spartan stories from inception) and paramount's constraints and main objective with the show. If you don't compare it with the canon halo lore's depiction of the applicable characters, the show looks like a 6.5/10 sci-fi series

  15. I got into halo after I got my pc last year and I was so enthralled with the franchise and was so hyped for halo infinite and then here I am now hating the newest game and the show. If you really think about it it’s kind of sad how fast I went from loving halo to being desperate for actual good content I can’t even imagine the fans who have been here since halo 3 let alone halo ce

  16. That ending monologue had me clapping. You articulated the apathy and hopelessness many of us are experiencing at the moment as Halo fans. It's like we went from a healthy diet of Halo to dino chicken nuggies for every meal. Yah, it's technically food and it looks cool, but it's not sustenance and we'll get sick of it if we keep consuming it much longer.

  17. 12:16 Yes! This was the first moment in the show that made me feel that something was amiss. How could a team of spartans with Master Chief at the lead vs 20 elites lead to the destruction of that encampment? All of those insurrectionists dead. How is that indicative of saving the world tier hero stuff? It's not.

  18. Loved the video and your passion at the end was amazing! That being said, I feel like I'm an odd one out when I say I enjoyed Halo 4's music. It sounds like Halo to me, and I'm someone who's enjoyed listening to Halo soundtracks for years now.

    Can't wait for the next upload.

  19. I think the problem lies in the nature of corporations.

    Corporations want a lot of money but they want it with the least amount of risk and in doing so they do such a basic safe mediocre job at everything they touch.

    The TV show probably isn't so bad but it's also nothing that stands out so no one will remember a thing. No one will become a dedicated fan and passionately discuss it with their friends. You'll watch it and immediately forget about it. Really the best thing you can achieve is the dramatic fallout of existing fans.
    And I am seeing that with every IP that becomes big. Once the firm behind the IP grows to big they play it safe but achieve the exact opposite compared to when they took a risk and created something memorable.
    It's better to "fail" (as in create something special but only few were really hardcore into it) rather than creating something so basic, achieve some clicks and then fade out into obscurity. At least then you have a few people talking passionately about your product which will secure more viewers for a sequel or a new production.

    I find it interesting how so many way more intelligent people said things like: "Try to appease everyone and no one will like it." but somehow the exact opposite is being done.
    If you release any product you need to target a niche (it might be a big niche but a niche none the less). Target everything and you'll miss all.
    It's like aiming a UNSC sniper rifle at the middle of 5 elites and hit none of them.

  20. If only they did something like Halo Legends, or even Forward On to Dawn. with how blatantly out of touch this TV series is with the games games and extended lore, it feels like this show was deliberately made to fail.
    To take one of the top sci-fi franchises second only to the likes of Starwars and Startrek and release one of the worst TV series in the sci-fi genre, it absolutely insulting to anyone who has any interest in halo whatsoever.

  21. I have a gut feeling Halo will be become a prime example of what not to do with a franchise and its fanbase. If course correction is not implemented to 343's larger audience approach, then we will end up with an empty husk like COD. New game every year; no memories.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your review Laper.

  22. I will say this right now. Those who want to make a good adaptation get John Halo. Those who create a burning pile of $#!T get Jimmy Rings.

  23. Batman and other comic characters still have core character traits that are important, comic fans still get pissed if a writer blatantly ignores those traits. You can change Batman here and there, make him darker or more comedic, but it's important that Batman doesn't kill. You can actually write a murder Batman, but that has to be the point of the story, which means it still doesn't ignore the core trait, but explores its opposite. You can't just make a normal Batman that casually kills people, at least not without pissing people off.

  24. Season 1 was the Beta…. hopefully they'll learn from the feedback when the real Halo series comes out.

  25. What’s with paramount and getting people who have never heard of the source material making their stuff?

  26. IF they wanted to do a different timeline they could just started with something familiar. Do something shocking u-turn that would change the timeline like the Flood being absent in Guilty Spark 343 except for microscopic spores that they could bring back to REACH CITY (lol). This keeps their Captain Keys alive for a few seasons. Maybe adapt the Sangheeli-Brute Civil War early on with a turncoat Heretic Elite from Halo 2 as a captive turned ally for the humans.

    I could go on and on.

  27. At one point i feared that the Halo community would be the next sonic community. Then i realised that Sonic at least had a good screen adaptation.

  28. Do you think replacing Kiki Wolfkill would help?

  29. Agree with every single thing you said, like usual.

    343i takes more L’s than anyone.

  30. He took it off in a combat zone. No super soldier would do that. And the emotions chip is bull sh$$

  31. This show spit in the face of halo fans this show wasn't made for halo fans u got to be a wet noodle if u liked the show all they had to do was follow the books or games and it would of been incredible but nope they had to create a stupid time line that never existed they un master chiefed master chief in every way possible thankfully the show wasn't Canon but hopefully one day they will make a movie or show that is faithful to the games and books caz halo is a massive universe that could succeed if done right similar to wat star wars and the mandalorain. This show spit in the face of any one who has been a halo fan for the past 20 years this show literally disrespected the games and books and gave halo fans a big fuck u also I call bullshit they didn't do no research of halo at all

  32. The halo tv show is an embarrassment to the halo series and a complete sham

  33. it didnt fail, it was very popular outside of the mentally deranged halo fans, cope and seethe

  34. You pretty much hit every issue I’ve had with the show, and explained it in a way I would have done myself. Earned yourself a sub, ma boy!

  35. After having some time to reflect on the show, I can easily say it was a goddamn disaster and the showrunners clearly had no clue how to write a story for Halo. There are tons of people who poured their hear and soul into this show like the costume designers, prop designers hell the actors did a military bootcamp for a few months before filming but the writers screwed it for everyone. Paramount need to hire the right people to make season 2 feel like Halo, not some shitty sci-fi show. And for the love of god, kill Kwan. Anyway rant done, great video as always man, clear to see you put a lot of work into it! <3

  36. I think the biggest misjudgement paramount made was assuming that people outside of the fan base are there because they don't like the material and need something else. I think it's more that they haven't been introduced to the original material in a way that connects with them yet as its only been a computer game. They removed the elements that made it successful in an attempt to appeal and made it dull. All they needed to do was re tell the amazing story that made it successful in the first place through a new medium.

  37. Mister Cheeks is dead.
    His covenant GF is dead.
    The Covenant didn't win,
    And the UNSC didn't make any progress,
    Angsty teen girl made me wanna die.


  38. #JusticeForActMan

    I have been a fan of Halo since the launch of CE. I grew up on Halo, playing it over CoD or any other shooter out there. I actually enjoyed H4! But The MCC launch, Halo 5's launch, and Infinites launch combined with this poor excuse of a Halo show have killed my appreciation of the franchise. I don't play Halo Infinite, I'm not going to watch Season 2 of the show, and frankly it makes me sad. It is never good to have something you care for turn into something you have no feeling for.

  39. He’s not master chief, hell he’s not even john halo anymore, he’s like jim rings

  40. You guys can say it failed but season 2 is coming. Not happy about it just saying.

  41. I still have hope for Halo but the show I think it’s dead

    Ignore the section I’m just rambling nothing to see here

    I would add more to my comment but I can’t think of anything at the moment I might come back later or not

  42. Let’s look at it as a concept test. The cgi of the aliens, spot on, alien weapons and sounds, spot on, ships n aircraft, ok, Spartan physical armor no cgi was awesome, ships, were great, battle rifle and pistol were great, assault rifle sounds were ok,cgi was lacking a little in first episode, but got better. Human unsc equipment and vehicles, spot on. Locations were ok for reach, rubble. The halo 3 temple in the last episode was ok.

    All excellent in concept on TV. Story line was way off. John should have cut the head of the snake when he saw the prophets

  43. Nobody complains when a movie is turned into a video game. But when a video game is turned into a live action they lose their mind.

  44. I hate how people keep saying episode 5's action was good. It was Bollywood cgi garbage. It was terrible and completely outside of the realism of halo. Chief does amazing things…RARELY. most of the time, hes just another super soldier. Having him always being superman doesn't work and ruins the character and the other Spartans.




  46. I enjoyed it. although i do agree with you on alot of things i realize They got to make abit of $ from the first series to make the second even better. Which i knew before i started watching. This was more of an origins story which im happy with. This is why i probably enjoyed it. Would have liked to see more master chief in action though on alien planets/ halo rings may be this is where we go next.

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