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Why The New Halo TV Show Details Have Us Excited

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The Halo TV show is alive and well and the new details around the project have us very excited for what it could become.

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  1. What's so hard about making a series about master chief instead of these people nobody cares about

  2. I didn't want Master Chief in a "low" budget made for TV series. He deserves a stand alone big screen adaptation.

  3. A spartan II kidnapped from his parents for the UNSC, and his clone counterpart.

  4. Ive never been more excited to click on a video. I still come back to We Are O.D.S.T. from time to time because of the combination of authenticity, fantasy, and badassness in the trailer.

  5. Woahh thanks showtime I didn’t waste my money after all by adding your channel 4 yrs ago !

  6. If they don't center the story around the morals and ethics of the spartan program, I'll be disappointed.

  7. It would be cool if they make series about Buck’s team 🙏

  8. They should just base it on 117 crash landing on the first halo ring having to save marines and finding out the truth of the ring fighting the covenant and or flood. At least it gives the gamers something and movie goers something.

  9. Please PLEASE do an ODST series. Spartan II's are cool an all, but ODST's are badass in their own right, and they CHOSE to be there.

  10. "Master chief not a main character in the plot of the show?" Gathers papers, walks out the door "I'm out."

  11. It's hilarious how commercial ads for Halo are better and more interesting then nightfall. lol

    Just get the guy making these odst ads and halo 5 hunt the truth to write the plot.

  12. So, are ODSTs more like modern Airborne, Marines (yes, I know there are Marines in Halo), or SEALs?

  13. Drama could kill the show. If there's no MasterChief, I'm out. If there's no Cortana (with curves) or at the very least a replacement AI, I'm out. If it's not rated R with super entertaining violence, I'm out. If there's no comedy (and I'm not talking cheesy 343 one-liners), I'm out. If there's no Covenant comedic dialogue, I'm out. If the weapon of choice is the Assault Rifle instead of the more dominating Magnums or Battle Rifle, I'm out. If the weapon choices don't coincide with their purpose in the game, I'm also out. I could go on, because there are so many things that would make this great, which won't happen. I'm expecting a super dramatic war scene with uninteresting characters that run around spraying random Assault Rifle bullets, with no entertaining fight sequences, and very little comic relief. I mean it is an American drama; Asia would handle it better to be honest. I'll still watch it, but I suspect nothing even remotely close to the cutscenes from recent Halo stories, and a quite boring "drama" series with no sci fi or comedy excitement. Hopefully, they prove me wrong though.

  14. So Nathan Fillion reprising his role as Gunny Buck, maybe? If so, shut up and take my money!

  15. If master chief isn’t in this, I’m not watching it…

  16. Please don't be Spartan Locke Please don't be Spartan Locke Please don't be Spartan Locke Please don't be Spartan Locke

  17. Hate to break it to you guys, but Halo had a mediocre story AT BEST.

  18. The budget could be high – since when they talked about the budget they compared it to be around the same size as Game of Thrones (that was announced during Season 3 or 4)

  19. Oh Kilo 5. I would like to see that adapted for a TV series.

  20. Hopefully it's not as bad and lazily done as Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall.

  21. Not to sound all convicted felonish… but when I was in jail I read the book contact Harvest about the story of how they first contacted the aliens I would love to see that on film

  22. Im thinking a insurrection time period. The reason the spartans was made.. maybe a stoy told from both sides.. and maybe with a hint of a new looming threat

  23. 10 years ago we all wanted a Halo television show. I still want a Halo television show. But let's be honest. The reason we all wanted that was because we wanted to see Chief in live action on screen as much as possible because that's who we care about and that's what we want. Anything else is going to be a season-long TV show we watch and think to ourselves afterwards hmnn… that could have been better.

  24. Nah it’s gonna be a battle Royale series😂😂

  25. i wish it was Neill Blomkamp,..Spielberg's alright,..but Blomkamp would have been perfect for the Halo universe.

  26. I want a story about the Forerunners and why they chose humanity to become the Reclaimers. Also I would love to see what humanity was like before the first live firing of the Halo rings

  27. Its not halo without master chief no chief no halo

  28. Base it on the hunt the truth podcasts those were epic

  29. Master Chief not the primary Hero of the show? say no more. Wow! That is exactly what fans want. and, that's definitely the reason for Halo's Success in the Xbox Console. YAYYY.

  30. It should be anime, at least then they could do more visually

  31. Something about the actual war between the humans and the covenant would be cool kinda like the scenes from the odst

  32. I hope they keep the Spartans in the dark, like ONIs dark secret… then bring them out for some badass tide turning WTF moments

  33. I think like how The Angry Birds movie was, I think anything happening for a Halo project, the ship has long since sailed. No one cares about Halo anymore.

  34. If it’s not like halo landfall look exactly the same I don’t wanna see it or want it to b a show

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