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Would you like to see the flood in the Halo Tv Series

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I think that’s a stupid question

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  1. Yeah and like horror film vibes, the way it felt in the first Halo

  2. topic: Would you like to see the flood in the Halo Tv Series
    Me: HELL NO!!! it is already brutal
    Imagine seeing the flood in tv series and scares the hell out of everyone who is watching. it will give me nightmares

    (experienced Halo player who loves halo)

  3. Flood in the TV show would be turned into generic zombies with no real stakes. The less the show is allowed to ruin the better.

  4. Yeah I agree I hope they show up but later on in season 3 or 4

  5. To bad the halo series games cutscenes were better than the new show

  6. At first I thought those tentacle things were the flood but they might be the hunter worms or something new

  7. Definitely. But not too soon. It’s definitely not halo without the flood

  8. Not anytime soon. If all goes well and they get more funding for season 2 and onward, we get some better CGI, they take a little bit of fan input rather than doing only what they want, we're good.
    They've proven already that they're capable and willing to do some pretty brutal scenes, so they'll do well there. I hope it's as practical as possible, they've done a good job with most of the props. It's just the CGI parts that I'm worried about. That and them probably changing the origin of the flood.
    Visually, I don't really care what they do as long as the infection forms stay the same and they keep the fleshy aesthetic. And that part would be pretty hard for them to fuck up anyway so it's whatever.

  9. I don't know Why the producers of the show didn't have blur do the cgi and special effects

  10. I wouldn’t like to see the TV series at all. It was awful.

  11. Why do these effects look way better than actual tv series they should just make a movie or tv series like this

  12. Of course! So let the series survive till then!
    God dang.

  13. Well yea it's on Halo unless they changed that too

  14. It's actually been 3 mainlinegames and 343I still didn't listen with adding the flood? It's funny right. It's been 10years that we asked them for it 10years of our lifes wasted

  15. Todo dicen que los efectos de halo tv series que son de plástico pero nadie dice que está entretenida

  16. I would like for master chief to finally make an appearance in the tv show.

  17. Why would they add the flood ? Not taking stuff from lore. Only seen a few elites not even grunts with them. So we have a human who the prophets trust and love. They even say to her we can learn a lot from you lol from race swapping and certain gender politics this will die before we get to season two let alone the flood.

  18. I don't understand the infatuation with live action whenever it look like garbage and feels like a corny 1999 power rangers movie. The game cinematics were so fkn heavy.
    The show is just awful.
    Here is an animated fan made film that someone is working on.
    It already feels 1000x more like halo than the new expensively cheap TV show.


  19. they better have the flood in the series. It might save the show.

  20. Maybe like a final episode to season one cliffhanger would be dope to see them start to spread and the opening to season 2 is them now trying to work with the covenant to stop the flood outbreak (since it's not completely lore accurate idk wtf will happen in the show so I doubt the elite/brute schism will happen which leads to a faction of the covies joining the human side)

  21. Yes but maybe season 3 or 4 or even 5, there are so much stuff in Halo and flood story can wait , they don't need to rush things specially when the director is still trash they need to improve first

  22. I am dure that the flood will be reveale in the season finale.

  23. What is that? trailer? If that a trailer what part of halo? who is this "orks" in armor?
    And cant find the video with this "orks" when they fight with worm or drake and win. What is that?

  24. Halo Tv series is a pice of shit a steaming pile of it

  25. hoping to see the flood is honestly the only reason i'm even watching the show

  26. I would like to see the flood in a tv series but not this one …. I shut it off in the middle of the 2nd episode after ref was a human and started talking about "blessed ones"

  27. How about no Halo tv show from these hacks?

  28. It’d probably be even worse CGI than what they’ve shown us so far lol.

  29. Halo wars 2 brute desing>>>>>>>>>>>infinite brutes

  30. I'd like the show to not suck before they add anything

  31. bruh they would find a way to fuck it up

  32. Nooooooooooooooooo, they'll make the Flood into generic zombies and the retcon the Grave mind outta existence

  33. Honestly no, they will done fck it up like what happened to that Doom movie, at most we will have human zombies 😛 and a few CGI zombie elites or hunters. That Demon in that Doom movie looked fire tho.

    Edit: Doom Annihilation it's called. P.S don't watch the whole, just that demon scene hehe it's so cool 😉

  34. even if brutes are enemies, i gotta give it to em' they fought fucking well!

  35. Are you kidding it's one of the main plot points of the games why wouldn't they have it in the TV show. That's what caused a lot of events in the game why wouldn't it cause a lot of events and the TV show.

  36. This is how the TV show should have looked like

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