Xbox One Halo TV Series -

Xbox One Halo TV Series

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Join Steven Speilberg about the details of Halo TV at the Xbox One announcement event.

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  1. I think this is just hype, I will believe it when I see it.

  2. The hype for this should be massive what the fuck is going on.

  3. Steven Speilberg better take advantage of the huge Halo universe or they'll be another 9/11.


  4. Rather see it animated like Halo legends…Forward unto dawn was cool and all but…with animation you are not restricted by what we mere humans can do/how cheesy it might look

  5. Pretty sure shepard kills loads of aliens with a crew of sluts.

  6. YEAH like me and 14 of my other friends PLUS all those ppl that liked

  7. No,but dude srsly, all shepard does it fight aliens and has sex with aliens…so yea…sluts.

  8. Um….That's basically Mass effect but with more sluts.

  9. Dude, are you serious? If it were a cartoon series it would suck balls.
    1.Most CTs are PG 2. Halo legends a terrible bundle of pointless anime with the only good episode being the babysitter and still that was pretty bad.
    Steven is best with live action stuff anyway. Take the Pacific, Band of brothers and saving Private Ryan for example.
    If Halo was in cartoon it would be really hard to see how realistic the universe is. But with live action firefights and stuff, that would be awesome.

  10. At least the Covenant/Flood/Didact's motivations are a bit more complex than the retarded circular logic the fucking StarBrat uses. "Hurr durr to save organic life from being wiped out by synthetic life I'm going to forcibly harvest organic life & turn them into giant mechanical squid every 50,000 years hurr durr". The amount of technological stagnation in Mass Effect is unforgivable. Sure in Halo humans are using a 500 year old rifle round but at least they don't limit themselves by banning AI.

  11. They should make Halo a high budget movie instead

  12. I give it 1 season before they say fuck it and pull the plug LOL

  13. Television series? We'll see about….. HOLY SHIT ITS STEVEN SPIEL BERG!

  14. What do you guys think of this? Samuel L Jackson playing Sergeant Johnson.

  15. damn damn ,now they are making a halo telivison series and what i get from halo 4 they are not gona destroy the game ,i think from halo 4,these people are great story tellers and can take place of bungie and can bring more better things ,than waht bungie do and now tv that damn great i cant wait for,if braking bad next season gona be show on same timings i 'am gona obviously chhose halo ,sory breaking bads ,i know i'am gona see you after when halo series will telecasted on tv.yeah

  16. I cannot wait for this just image the entire halo series in a television show ( I'm not sure how far it will be) I didn't really like forward unto dawn that much because it didn't really focus on the real story of halo, but this makes up for it big time 🙂

  17. I got a good hope for this TV series if Steven is making this 🙂

  18. If i was Steven i would start from chapter one! Contact harvest. I hope that i can audition for this show. Hell i would even fly all the way to Usa. Hope they hire Scandinavians…

  19. If Steven Spielberg working on the Halo TV Series, I want it to be a Human-Covenant War version of Band of Brothers and The Pacific… And to, somehow, get Tom Hanks involved. I'd be really happy.

  20. For some reason i feel like this would be similar to Defiance

  21. its actually very smart to make it a tv show because a movie will be not enough its like the walking dead u cant make that a movie halo has so much to explore and to do so the tv show is a great approach long live halo and knowing Spielberg is working on it really made me happy cause with halo its not like any other game its an entire world and beyond so you really have to take care of what your doing to make it the best

  22. And we haven't heard a single detail on this TV series ever since… like seriously, I am excited and all for it but keeping us waiting this long for hints on the game and TV series will just tick a lot of people off >__<

  23. Still no update, I would love to know who they have cast and when shooting will begin.

  24. Steven Spielberg is the ideal filmmaker to produce a Halo television series. I can't wait.

  25. I hope the series will take place during the Original trilogy and not the newer games. 

  26. I forgot this was going to happen, I still think they are really late on getting Halo some sort of cinematic media. I would have been happy with Peter Jackson doing a Halo movie, at least District 9 was pretty rad.

  27. So where is it? Wasn't this announced like two years ago? And no word still?

  28. i actually dunno if Spielberg is the right guy for this to be honest…

  29. what ever happened to this? are we still going to see it?

  30. Over hyping Halo for E3, 2 years later, not even a leak, actors casted or a simple update from Spielberg. 343industries has flopped majorly, they thought they could earn enough money to fund this from TMCC and Halo 5 Guardians. It seriously wouldn't suprise me if they abandon this as they did with the Halo Movie back in 08-09. Congrats 343.

  31. Hope fully its good because bungie made halo better than halo when 343 got it so it took this long, it needs to be good.

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