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YMS Reacts to the Halo TV Series Trailer

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Adum is a Halo boy. I am not into Halo nor am I a boy, so don’t ask me questions. I only played the third game.


  1. That guy looks like if Dave Chappelle were playing Forrest Whittaker

  2. Sorry Halo fans, but Master chief is such a stupid name. It's a rank, nobody goes around any military structure calling people by their rank only as if there were unique.

  3. I still remember when it was announced on Comic Con 2008(?) G4 coverage that Denzel Washington was gonna play Master Chief 😂

  4. So many story choices that make literally no sense compared to the game

  5. They should've just hired the people who did the remastered halo 2 cutscenes to make something. If you're going to burn money, you might as well make it look good.

  6. That's Bokeem Woodbine, who you should know as a film and series buff with some semblance of taste – not to mention that getting Black actors mixed up is kinda racist.

  7. Finally something that isn't a cringy off-putting narcissistic post about yourself

  8. up until "find the Halo, win the war" was uttered i though "uh… could be good. might check it out."

    but oh god, that one line screams to me "this show was written poorly"

    that and the apparent story of thread "we need to control the MC, but maybe he's not controllable!?" they're teasing.

    I do hope it turns out to be a good show, but this trailer has some red flags that it won't be.

  9. If it's not Uwe Boll then it will be shit…

    I think I made it past his attention span, don't want to have to fight the guy!, It still will be shit but you could at least have fun with it, Like give Neil Breen $1 million and see how many time's Master cheif removes his tuna tin armour and has a uncomforble sex with a girl half his age?.

  10. This looks so fucking bad. Another franchise sacrificed to the woke vultures… yay….

  11. Why "In the Air Tonight"? What does that have to do with Halo? Even the Beyonce song would make more sense than that.

  12. How they gonna have Lord Hood and not have Ron Perlman play him?
    Edit: Nevermind this looks terrible I'm glad they didn't.

  13. I wanna make a "this is CorTANA" Suicide Squad reference but I can't think of how to make it funny.
    Also they should have used the Lasagne Cat cover of "In the Air Tonight".

  14. Halo: Landfall is still the best halo show.

  15. Here's the three awful things I thought about this trailer when I first saw it: Cortana is a fucking hologram. Why didn't they just use a 3d model, or at the very least make her BLUE? The music. Halo's music is one of the most iconic and epic things already, I don't understand why they slapped this annoying modernized shit over the trailer instead. And a human villain. What. That's not Halo. That's not fun. I want to see some aliens or giant flood tentacle monsters being shot up, not some dumb girl that reminds me of the stupid nazi girl in The Boys season 2.

  16. This show seems like something that was made because Paramount+ relieved that if they were a streaming series with a "(Company Name)+" name, then it needed a Mandalorian-esque show.

  17. I wish Adam was less pretentious. Everything says things that come off as pretentious to some people and I think that's fine, but Adam takes it to a level where you think "Why's he trying to make this point?".

    Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of his content and even the podcast but sometimes it grates on me

  18. I love that they just use Halo as a buzzword now.

  19. I feel like IHE would be even more insulted by the trailer, considering he’s kinda a huge Halo fanboy

  20. Halo 1 had like Adam said had very nice shots and the music was spot on. Dropping into a hot zone some nice pumping music. Getting first contact with the flood ? Also dead slience.

  21. Im not even gay, but if I saw a version of Doctor Manhattan that wasn't blue and naked I would be pissed.

  22. Explain to me how this is a Halo tv show and still looks like generic Sci-fi schlock with this rip off Hanz Zimmer wanna be soundtrack

  23. I swear this exact same song was in the Dead Space 3 trailer

  24. I’ve read that Alex Garland Halo script and it’s honestly a solid simple sci-fi action screenplay. Just a basic adaptation of the first game with some set pieces removed and rearranged.

  25. I didn't even notice until you pointed it out, but yeah the music is exactly why I thought this trailer sucked. Not even the song they included, just the fact that the music was definitively NOT Halo. Marty O'Donnel knocked it out of the park and was a huge part of what made a lot of the setpieces of the game work so well. Not even trying to imitate that is a huge miss. Idk, could be different in the show but I sincerely doubt it.

  26. I love how every time I watch a yms trailer the reaction the first thing to come up is a complaint about it not being 4k

  27. Massive Halo fan here, the show is supposed to take place in an alternate universe, but it still looks shitty.
    And a human dealing with the ruling structure of the Covenant makes absolutely no sense.

  28. save the cheerleader save the world

  29. you know despite having a lt of "story" I never thought Halo could be a good series, you'd basically just get Starship Troopers (the book version not the movie full of satire)

  30. Cortana isn't blue? WTF? How do you fuck that up?

  31. Cortana is easily the worst part about this trailer, goddamn, they really dropped the ball on that one, she's not even blue! These garbage TV shows are the reason why I stick to streaming old shows that I loved watching.

  32. I'm really getting worried with how many of these instant noodle sci-fi and fantasy shows are being pumped out with zero effort. Everything looks so clean, especially the CG environments. No real place looks like that.

  33. Why are all these trailers so painfully generic. It's become like some kind of running gag. Most of these all sound and look the same.

  34. Geeky nitpick. The trailer implies the Spartans were created to fight the Covenant, but they weren't. They were created to fight in interplanetary conflicts between humans.

  35. if the show comes out and its bad we should get another adam and pals with IHE like in eagleye

  36. I feel like we're seeing most of the scenes that have the Chief in them in the trailer. The team of folks that are kinda in the background are probably the main characters, and that's going to piss a lot of people off.


  38. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots- says:

    "why isnt she naked" and "Whats wrong with your faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace?"
    was my exact reaction too

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